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Kære kunstnere!
Dette web-galleri er en samling af andre nedlagte web-gallerier. Hvis I er utilfredse med at I er repræsenteret så sig endelig til – og jeg vil fjerne jer hurtigst muligt! Mvh jesper@kunstmaler.dk

Dear artists!
I've produced the web-gallery from other closed web-galleries on the net. If you want me to remove you information from my site " don't hesitate "just write and I'll remove the information as soon as possible! Regards jesper@kunstmaler.dk

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Angela F.
Website: www.angelika-art.com/
I am an artist of European descent. My artistic abilities are a natural talent. Angela F.
Christopher Fabbri

Website: chrisfabbri.com
Fine artist born in Boston in 1973. Graduated from New England School of Art & Design in 1996. Fabbri became a best selling painter on PaintingsDirect.com in 2000.
Fabbri lives in Northern California now and continues to paint and draw.
Silvia Fabbri

Website: http://www.xsray.net/
Born in Florence, she attended the Artistic High School and then the Academy of Fine Arts, specializing  in graphics and photography. After her degree on a thesis on Images and Music, "Vibrazioni-Florario Musicale" printed in 1999 by L'Autore Libri in Florence, she spent nearly one year in Ireland, UK and Scotland to make some photo researches and study English full time.   silvia fabbri
Carla Fache


Website: http://www.carlafache.com/
Carla Fache was born in Santiago, Chile, on May 14, 1977.  Residing in Miami, Fl since 1001. Surrealist art and the comics lured her into the art world, preparing her to discover her artistic niche in abstract modern art.  Her mission is to allow the spectator to tap into his/her own imagination and exercise his/her freedom of thought and expression through his/her own interpretation. carla fache
Elle Fagan

Website: http://www.ellefagan.com/
Lifetime arts / compassion work, my online art gallery "An Elle Fagan Artsite" is my own html work, as well. Classic offerings in primarily watercolor media, based in Connecticut USA.Related writings, artsandcrafts, inspiration and fun also at ellefagn.com elle fagan
Dominique Faivre


Website: http://www.dominiquefaivre.com/ 
Original oil paintings. 
French painter now residing in Canada. 
Vibrant landscape, cityscape and seascape
Dominique Faivre
Evany Fanzeres

Website: www.fanzeres.com/
Painter, sculptor, multimedia visual activities,art teacher and designer born in Rio de Janeiro, lives and works in Germany since 1991, spends working/teaching times in Portugal, Brasilien, UK.After art schools in Rio de Janeiro studies at Central School of Arts, London, and Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.  evany fanzeres
Christine Faguet

Website: christine.faguet.chez-alice.fr
Des séjours dans des pays m'ont permis de voir la nature telle que je l'avais rêvée au fond de moi. La baie de Rio de Janeiro, le désert d'Atacama (Chili), les chutes d'Iguacy ( Brésil/Argentine), l'île de Paques, et le Machu Picchu, autant de paysages qui peu à peu sont devenus abstraits au point de ne laisser que la puissance de la nature, que j'interprète par des drapés, des estompages, des collages et des coulées de peinture au gré de mon imaginaire. Christine Faguet
Linda Farber

Website: lindafarber.com 
I am an artist living in Phoenix, AZ. formerly from Toronto, Can. I do acrylic and mixed media paintings in contemporary, minimalistic style.
linda farber
Andrea Farmer

Website: www.andreafarmer.co.uk/


Andrea Farmer's expressive abstract paintings are rendered in vibrant oils on boxed canvas. She is inspired by nature's colour, mood, texture and form allowing her to create vivid landscapes and sweeping organic themed works. Andrea's semi-abstract figurative paintings are created in oil pastel and acrylic on paper. Each subject displays flowing curves and is either nude or partially clothed but always provocative and striking. All her original paintings are perfect for the modern contemporary interior, supplied ready to hang, dated and signed.  Andrea Farmer
Dylan Farrell


Website: www.farrellfineart.com/ 
From the dreams of one come the paintings of tomorrow. Dylan Farrell, an internationally Award winning Artist and owner of Farrell Fine Art is proud to present his available works here at FarrellFineArt.com.Begin your own journey of fantasy and wonder with an Original Farrell Oil Painting. dylan farrell
Margherita Fascione
Website: www.margheritafascione.it/
Born near Montecassino and  graduated from the Istituto Universitario Orientale of  Naples with a degree in Philosophy, and with specialization in Aesthetics (recently in Classics).As self-taught artist she  showed her work in numerous group an solo exhibitions margherita fascione
Michel Favre


Website: www.michelfavre.ch/
In his recent work, Michel Favre leads us into a world where dimensions are reversed, where humour, concern and hope, irony and satire are always present side to side.  In his bronze sculptures, the artist also integrates other materials and objects. Miniaturized human figurers are set in confrontation with large objects, such as cylinders, spheres, pyramids... Michel FAVRE
Marilia Fayh


Website: www.mariliafayh.com.br/
Sculptor, painter and engraver, born on the 11nd December 1956, in Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Marilia Fayh
Dalah Faytrouni


Website: www.dalahfineart.com/
I was born and raised in Lebanon ,Tripoli the talent I share with you is one god has blessed me with and I hope I am able to capture a glimpse of his beautiful creation that surround us, the gift of painting is a profound passion of mine my wish is to express what lies with in my inner soul .
Dalah Faytrouni
Sharon Feenan

Website: www.artsfee.freeservers.com/


I was born in 1970 in Scotland. I graduated from Grays School of Art in 1993 and have lived in Norway, Argentina and Singapore. Most of my paintings contain images of the human form which for me help to express a chosen emotion. Normally the figure is female as many times the emotion expressed is personal to myself and my inner well being. Sometimes words are not enough and some inner emotion can only be expressed using a more abstract form, open to interpretation by others ,with their resulting ideas as to their meaning never being incorrect. All is relative and personal. Sharon Feenan
Marianna Fekete

Website: feketemari.free.fr 
Since 1988 I live and make my non-figurative painting in Paris. The principal source of inspiration comes from the contemporary music of repetitive nature. With my choice of mixed medias (oil,monotype,pigments,joining) I obtain depth and textures.  marianna fekete
Ilunia Felczer

Website: http://www.iluniasart.com/
I started painting with Oil in California in 1981. After a year of painting from whatever came from my soul, I took some art classes and enhanced my ability to draw from the "right-side of the brain". During the course, I took an interest in watercolors. The enjoyment I got from watercolors was so substantial, I continue with it until today. ilunia felczer
Andrey Feldshteyn

Website: http://www.cartoonblues.com/
Andrey Feldshteyn is an award-winning cartoonist and book illustrator from Minnesota.
He was born in Russia, and moved to the US in 1993.
His latest feature - a cartoon series HELLOGOODBYE is a set of strange stories drawn in a single panel format.
His works are stored in various museums around the globe, including the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco and The Museum of Nonconformist Art in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Andrey Feldshteyn
Ruth Felldin

Website: http://www.rfelldin.se/
Har målat och skulpterat sedan 1980 flera kurser för kända konstnärer och i skolor. Haft åtskilliga utställningar både i Sverige och Norge, Ungern.
Ruth Felldin

Joanne Fenech Portelli




I was born in Malta in 1976. I am a primary school Art teacher and currently teach in several schools in Malta and its sister island Gozo. I have been seriously painting since 1999. Since then I have been painting and drawing in various media, from oil to acrylic, to watercolours and pastels. My inspiration is everything which stirs an emotion in me, but mainly it is the human figure which I think is a work of art in itself. I graduated from the University of Malta in Bachelor of Education with Honours in 1998, and after that I started taking private tuition in Art under several renowned Maltese artists and also joined life human figure classes. Since then I have taken part in various collective exhibitions locally and have had two solo exhibitions in Malta entitled «Preview» and «Body & Soul: Human Images in Pastels». Joanne Fenech Portelli
Michele Fercho

Website: www.nurseryprints.com/
Loving the versatile and unpredictable medium of watercolour, Michele Fercho, child psychologist, mother, designer of children's art resides in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada Michele finds that working with and for children easily remains one of the most joyful and inspiring of life's experiences. Michele Fercho
Frances Ferdinands

Website: www.francesferdinands.com/ 
Representational painter expressing environmental, social and cultural concerns, often in a thematically-based series. 
Such topics as WAR, ISOLATION, FASHION/ART are explored in her work.
frances ferdinands
Jason Ferguson

Website: www.jsnzart.com/ 
A self taught Artist from Australia. 
Ability to draw in different styles, loves a challenge.
Student of life
jason ferguson
Mauricio Fernandez

Website: www.mauriciogallery.com/ 
Mauricio Fernandez is a Mexican self taught artist, he paints primarily with oil paint but he enjoys the use of watercolor and graphite pencil as well. His style is realistic and figurative, he likes to paint landscapes, wildlife, indigenous people and other different subject matters. mauricio fernandez
Pierluigi Ferrari


Painter, designer
Art director and a creative in national and international advertising companies, and he created and realized outstanding TV and stampa advertising campaigns. 
A diversified cultural curiosity, the interest and the artistical attitude drive him to the painting.
pierluigi ferrari
Angela Ferreira

Website: www.magicpaintings.com/
Where would you like to be right now? In my paintings I describe and express my  thoughts to different dream like places and cultures mixed with everyday reality. My goal is to transmit good inner feelings and take you on a journey to see a different imaginative world happening. Indulge your eyes in my colourful soothing style paintings. Angela Ferreira

Fernando Ferreira De Araujo



Born in Brazil with a major in Business he gained a strong corporate background in the fashion business; both, as a designer as well as an executive. However, in 1999 he left everything behind and chose to take to the canvas. 1989 was a turning point in his life. Among hundreds of artists, he was one of the few artists chosen by the “Museu do Estado de Pernanmbuco”, in Recife Brazil, to represent rising new talents. This accolade was instrumental in his later decision to devote himself to being a full time artist. He has had a few shows in Brazil; however decided moving to New York City in 2003 and has been living there since then, participating in local shows as well as in other states. He's also a member of the Art Students League of New York. Fernando Ferreira De Araujo
Morgan Ferriter

Website: http://www.morganferriter.com/ 
Born in Dublin, 1971, raised in Donegal in North West Ireland. Full time artist. Exhibit between Ireland and Canada, last show Canada in McMichael Gallery. Images taken from Donegal and Canada, atmospheric light, cloudscapes, reflections. Collected in Ireland and North America. morgan ferriter
Chester Fields

Website: www.chesterfieldsbronzes.com/

Chester Fields specializes in amazing bronze eagle sculptures and internationally is recognized as the premier eagle sculptor having sold over 750 large eagle sculptures worldwide.  His portfolio is soon to include custom estate gates and fountains which include his magnificent statues.  Please take the time to view his magnificent sculptures in full rotation at his website. 
Chester Fields
Duggie Fields


Website: www.duggiefields.com/
Duggie Fields's Day-Glo post-pop paintings are instantly recognisable. Despite his concern with the identity-dissolving impact of mass media on the contemporary psyche, Fields manages to sustain a coherent signature style that is as flamboyantly dysfunctional as it is cool and simple. duggie fields
Elisha Fields


Website: www.elishafields.com/
Elisha doesn't recall her transition from crayons to pastels. Having emerged from over least three generations of artists and musicians, she feels she must have picked up something by «osmosis.» With a bachelor of professional studies, a concentration in information systems, Elisha's first formal art class wasn't until 1998. She loves to paint to classical guitar music preferably Segovia. Currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where she paints, builds art websites, and is involved with several art organizations in the Greater Atlanta area. Elisha Fields
Mike Fields

Website: www.mikefieldsbronzes.com/

Mike Fields specializes in realistic bronze animal sculptures including Friesian horses, Tigers, Red-tailed hawks, Eagles and more, as well as a figurative sculpture of an angel.  Please take the time to view his amazing statues, which are presented in rotation on his website.  Please also look for his soon to be released Arabian horse.  Mike Fields
Elizabeth "Lisy" Figueroa

Website: www.monartist.com/
I am currently attending the University of Texas, Pan American and am majoring in Fine Art with a Teacher Certification.  I also received my Diploma for Web Design and Technology from Lehigh Valley College in Pennsylvania.  Painting is my main passion and my surroundings inspire me to paint.  Most of my content within my paintings are from my imagination and mood.  I also take pieces of whatever has ventured through my life and include the ideas into my paintings.   Elizabeth "Lisy" Figueroa

Natali Filatkina




Painter, illustrator, design
Graduated the Odessa Government Art Grekov`s Academy
Watercolors and graphics
Natali Filatkina

Cheryl Finfrock




Dreams inspire my work. Images ranging from public domain icons to archaic glyphs fascinate me. With high voltage colors I search for a visual language of universal archetypes. The creation and deconstruction of this language occurs through the physical act of painting. In my recent work color texture, and layering become the psychology of expression. cheryl finfrock
Mattias Finsen


Website: http://www.virex.dk/
Billedkunstner mattias finsen
Paola Fiori


Website: http://www.tartagliaarte.com/

She was born in San Severino Marche (MC) on 11 December 1973. She qualified at Public Institute of Art in Macerata during the academic year 1993-1994. In 1994 she worked as a restorer of artistic monuments, such as the Basilica of Loreto. She enrolled in the «Laboratorio di Pittura» in Tolentino through which she attended several art exibitions in various town councils of Marche region.In 1997 the artistic committee of San Severino Marche organized her first one-person dedicated show at the town council. Paola Fiori
Johanna Fiorini Lowell

Website: http://www.johannafl.com/ 
Johanna gets her inspiration from various flavours of The Maltese Islands and the Mediterranean. When she paints she captures forgotten times gone by in a unique and modern style of her own seeing incredible beauty in the simplest of form. 'There's lots to paint on these wonderful, warm, sunny, little islands that are bursting with so much history and culture and yet are so simple and modest' she says.   johanna fiorini lowell
R. W. Firestone


Website: www.theartofrwfirestone.com/

Education B.A., Psychology, University of California, Berkeley M.A., Psychology, California State University, Los Angeles. PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado Exhibitions: 1005 Art-Domain Gallery, Leipzig; “Snap to Grid 1005,” Los Angeles Center for Digital Art; 3rd Intl Art Festival, Chania, Greece; “An Evening of Art and Design,” Bvlgari, Beverly Hills; Omma Center of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara; “Digital Paintings,” Omma Gallery, Chania, Greece; “Face Value 1005,” Associated Artists, Winston-Salem, NC R. W. Firestone
Aaron Fisher

Website: www.aaroncfisher.com/ 
I am a freelance artist specializing in oversized portraits. aaron fisher

Cecilia Flaten




In the search of a more tangible art she looks after the painting coming to be at the present day her great love. At the beginning of this engagement, things happened in a rather playful and innocent way, all which is completely demonstrated in her Naïf works, in which she experiences with techniques and colors that allude directly to her Scandinavian ancestors. cecilia flaten
Dorothea Fleiss

Installation, Painting, Video- Member of A.C.E.P. Associazione Autori Compositori e Piccoli Editori, Rimini, Italy-Romanian Union of Artists Satu-Mare- president of the "d.f.e.w.a." Stuttgart, Germany- of IAA (International Association of Arts) UNESCO, Paris, France -APA Association Piedmonts de Arte, (Art Association of Piedmont) Italy-TANSSIGNUM, Professional artists Association, Paris, France -European-Liaison "Tran Cultural Exchange" Boston, USA
Member of Art Shop International
Dorothea Fleiss
Sue Fletcher

Website: http://www.pastelportraits.net/
Advertising Art & Design was Sue Fletcher's major at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. For over 10 years she earned her living as a commercial artist, with fine art and commissioned art always interspersed. Her paintings have been shown in numerous juried, group and solo exhibits. Included are Fort Concho Museum, San Angelo, TX; The Gallery Show, Lubbock Arts Festival, Lubbock, TX; The National All Media Fine Arts Competition Gallery Show of Main Street Ft. Worth Arts Festival; The American Artist Registry's National Competition, Alexandria, VA;Gallery W34, Washington, DC and Akron Society of Fine Artist's Grand Exhibition, Akron, OH. Her works are displayed in corporate and private collections as well. Sue Fletcher
Alejandra González de Flink


Website: http://www.alezk.nu/
Alejandra Gonzales de Flink AleZK

Miguel Angel Flores



Pintor, ilustrador, dibujante y escultor con cerca de 30 años de esperiencia.
Estilo realista y figurativo.
Domino cualquier tecnica (pinceles, aerógrafo, lapices, etc.) y material (óleo, acuarela, guache, pastel, lapices de color, carbón, etc.), incluido la infografica.
Miguel Angel Flores

Octavian Florescu




The unknown, the energy, and the struggle to discover the essence of life the movement and the metamorphosis 
are the basic elements of my work.
Octavian Florescu

Eva Floryan




Painter and free-lance illustrator who finds much of her inspiration in the green, growing world in her garden and surrounding countryside or in landscapes perceived on travels abroad. Often she devotes herself to the world of fantasy and gives her own very personal figurative expression of plants, trees and landscapes described in fairy-tales and legends.  eva floryan
Dorian Florez


Website: artealmeria.com  
Dorian Flórez ha realizado estudios de Psicología clínica en la Universidad de París, actividad que le ha servido para elaborar sus trabajos pictóricos, donde ha abordado el tema de la paternidad, entre muchos otros.Su actividad artística, también se ha enriquecido con sus estudios en el Taller de Pintura Luis Caballero en París, así como en la Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts (Quais Malaquias Paris), entre otros.Ha participado en varias exposiciones en la Ciudad Luz, donde ha mostrado su obra en diversos salones y festivales. Dorian Florez
Jim Fogarty
01856 831741

Website: http://www.jimfogarty.co.uk/
Highly detailed graphite pencil drawing, custom finished musical instruments, airbrush work, graphics and illustration.
Jim Fogarty

Sandrine Follere



Sandrine Follere 's gallery presents her artwork : Sculptures, paintings and drawings.
sandrine follere

Yvonne Fondse- Van Der Kracht



I studied with The Free Academie Zevenaar, De Blauwe Schuit in Hoorn en het Grafisch Lyceum in Amsterdam. In 2005 I became a member of tekengenootschap de Debutade in Hoorn ; There I became enthousiastic for Aquarel and now I love to paint with watercolor on ricepaper. Yvonne Fondse- Van Der Kracht
Marianne Fonnesgaard


Website: www.fonnesgaard.dk/
Billedkunstner Marianne Fonnesgaard
Sandra Forbush


Website: www.sandraforbush.com/ 
Portrait painter and sporting artist.  Works from photographs sandra forbush
Rochelle Ford


Website: www.metalsculptor.com/
A self-taught metal sculptor, I use an oxyacetylene welding torch to fuse recycled metals and discarded materials into bold objects of strength & beauty.  These pieces spring from an intimate & personal exposure to Syrian, African & American cultures.  These cross-cultural influences inspire a sense of pride & gratitude & give face, form & meaning to my work. Rochelle Ford.jpg (385640 byte)
Crystal Foronda

Website: chryztal.deviantart.com
I loved art since 3.
Now I'm taking up Fine Arts Major in Advertising which is really my dream since i was a child.
I can draw and color traditionally and digitally.
I also like anime and manga, and of course realistic drawings ^_^
Crystal Foronda
Kerry Fortin

Website: www.kerryfortin.com/
A Metis artist of Algonquin extraction, Kerry uses a multiplicity of form and colour to express himself. He has engaged his creativity since childhood and worked through several phases of accomplishment. Although he derived pleasure and in many cases extra income from it, something felt unconnected.. incomplete.... kerry fortin
David Foster

My artwork, poetry and photography are very personal and full of feeling.  It basically is an expression of my emotions, questions and contemplations of my life and the world around me.. david foster
Rosemarie Foster

Rosemarie is a multi talented artist. She works in Watercolor, Pastel, Acrylics. She loves to teach Art and enjoys meeting new people. She mostly Landscapes and Floral.
Rosemarie Foster
Scott Fowler
South Africa

Website: www.artquest.co.za/
Primarily I work in oil, but create with anything I can get my hands on: acrylic, oil, pencil, marker, spray paint, photoshop, flash animation, 3d animation, t- shirt prints etc etc etc - yes its a disease) anyways have a look at the gallery, hope you enjoy my work. Scott Fowler
Deirdre Fox

Website: www.artbydado.com/ 
I am a contemporary artist who uses uniques techniques and icons to make transcendent pieces that are both art and artifact.
Deirdre Fox
Bartosz Frączek


Website: www.fraczek.art.pl/
Born in 1974 in Czestochowa Poland,He graduated from the Painting Department.
The Faculty of Art At the Pedagogical University in Czestochowa.Diploma with distinction in 1999.His main interests painting 
and drawing
Bartosz Frączek
Berit Fradera


Nature and fantasmagories in my pictures. As illustrator in newspapers I treat philosophy, politics and culture. 
Berit Fradera
Bernward Frank

Website: http://www.kineticart.de/
2007 Germany Arte Sustenible; Niederlande DynamicArtDelta 2007; Germany KineticArtistMeeting Berlin; Germany KineticArtistMeeting München; Germany Kunstcamp;2006 Germany Offene Ateliers; Taiwan Kaohsiung Steel & Iron Sculpture Festival; Germany Aachener Kunstroute 2006; Germany Kunst auf der Wiese; Germany Im Wind 2006; Germany freiRaum; Germany Skulpturen im Park 2006; Niederlande Tri-Arte ; Germany Welt neu entdecken; Belgien Een Leiedorp voll beelden; Germany Neuenburger Kunstwoche; 2005 Germany Offene Ateliers -AHA; Germany 8. Drachentreffen. Bernward Frank
Earla Porch Frank

Studied Fine Art at the California Art Center and Kansas University.
Majoring in sculpture, she has produced many abstract bronze works. 
Jazz Singer
earla porch frank
Oksana Franklin

Website: www.foksana607.com/
Drawing and painting Oksana Franklin
J G Freedman


Website: http://www.jgfreedman.com/ 
I want to show you what life on the waterfront of British Columbia was like for me. As a tugboat and ferryboat captain I have no interest in expressing the romance of marine settings. I want to celebrate the salt spray, the rain and the rust. j g freedman
Ursula Freer


Website: ursulafreer.com
When painting with traditional media years ago images of nature would appear from pourings of paint and random brushstrokes. Now after experimenting with digital tools and the seductive techniques that medium offers I seem to have come full circle. ursula freer
Isabel de Frias

Website: www.idefrias.com/
Muestra de la pintura hiperrealista de Isabel de Frías, natural de Molinicos, Albacete (España). Amplia colección de enlaces de pintura realista. isabel de frias
Leni Friedland

Website: http://www.wcolor.net/ 
Leni Friedland is an award winning artist. Her works is in many private collections throughout the USA. She is a juried member of the National League of American Pen Women, arts division and literature. She is also a gifted poet and has published her book of poetry called «OFF KEY.» All Other information can be found at her website
Gary Frier
South Africa
Website: http://www.friersart.com/
I find inspiration in many forms of media. Creating art for me is about constantly reflecting on my place in the world, discovering how to distil and interpret my interaction with what surrounds me and documenting that personal relationship. Work in private collections South Africa, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, Italy & Netherlands. Gary Frier

Jan Ulrik Friis




Bildkonstner jan ulrik friis
Anneliese Fritts

Website: www.studioaartgallery.com/

A World Renowned International artist has multiple awards for her work and achievements. Traditional Mosaics, futuristic acrylic on acrylic, historic Berlin Wall Art, Unique Free Form from Nature sculpture collection.  She has a wide variety of multi-media artworks and many creative collections.

Member of Art Shop International

Anneliese Fritts
Achim Fromm


Website: http://www.achim-art.com/
Oil Painter Achim Fromm.jpg (41733 byte)
Hasse Froom


Website: www.froom.se
Målare, tecknare, grafiker

Medlem i KRO, 
Strängnäs Konstnärsakademi, Konstnärscentrum.
K-aktieägare i Grafikens Hus
Hasse Froom
Mark Frossard

Website: www.markfrossard.com

Paintings with narratives concerned with social issues.  Vibrant colors and illustrative techniques enhance the stories presented in these complex paintings. Mark Frossard
David Fry


High fired ceramics, specializing in Rare and beautiful glazes
david fry
Sergio Fuentes

Website: www.fuentes.nu/  
Painter and graphic artist
Master Degree of Art Kunsthögskolen 
i Bergen Norway
sergio fuentes
Ken Fujii


Website: pentablet.or.tv
It is the illustration gallery of a car and a motorcycle
ken fujii
Nigel Fuller

United Kingdom

Website: www.ndfuller.co.uk/
Graphite Pencil Artist
Portraits, wildlife
nigel fuller


Website: www.artactif.com/
Dans chacune des toiles de FUGGIO l'espace réel s'associe à un espace imaginaire  issu d'une réflexion, d'une sensation ou d'un vécu enfoui au plus profond de soi.
Les toiles naissent d'un travail de gestualité sur papier. Le geste donne au graphisme sa puissance suggestive.
Un jeu de couleur, de transparence, et de lumière intensifie l'émotion. Le vide joue un rôle réel dans la composition et complète la force des contrastes. L'ouvre résulte de l'expérience accumulée. L'émotion se conjugue à l'imprévu de la lumière.
Warren Furman

Website: HiTechARTS.com 
Composer, artist, designer and occasional programmer, Furman is a native New Yorker now retired in beautiful Susquehanna County, PA.  His music has received many accolades and has been heard in concert, at music festivals and on FM stations both here and abroad. warren furman
Michael Furtado

Website: michaelfurtado.net
What I find most beautiful about art is it's capacity to allow for, ideally, the expression of unique ideas. Every entity of nature is unique: their origins, their lives, their deaths. The licence bestowed to the artist to speak her mind is a true gift. I struggle to honour the gift of art by telling the truth in my work. I hope that my art may reveal a little as nature never fails to do greatly.     Michael Furtado
Ignacio Fusilier

Website: http://www.fusilier.com.ar/
Ignacio Fusilier lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he is an architect since 1991 and he has been painting since he was a young boy. He has attended workshops for over ten years with a few local masters such as Néstor Arona, Ariel Olivetti, Ignacio Noé and Jorge García. As a painter he has been in solo and group exhibitions, and as an illustrator and graphic designer his work includes web sites, album covers, posters and flyers. He is currently 38 years old. Ignacio Fusilier

Villy E. Fyhn




Billedkunstner Villy Fyhn.

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